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Tormented Soul (Storm Trilogy #1) by Dylann Rhea




*Thank you to the author for providing me a copy for a non-biased review!*

Genre: YA* Fantasy


“Seattle is best known for its welcoming and diverse culture, but Kaden cannot seem to grasp the life it offers. When Megan, Kaden’s best friend, decides it’s time to hit the night life, it turns into a night they will never forget. Megan mysteriously disappears and Kaden is the only one invested in finding her. Along the way she meets an unusual ally, Finley, who reveals a world beyond the ordinary streets of Seattle. Kaden finds herself pulled into a dark world of fae as the two struggle to locate Megan before it’s too late.”


This book was an interesting read. I didn’t know what direction this book was going to take when it mentioned Fae creatures because the concept can go either way for me, depending on how the world is developed. I did enjoy this book due to its characters.

Kaden was a strong and determined character who was willing to literally do anything to save her best friend. Her willpower definitely made me want to continue to read it to the end. I loved her character development throughout the story. In the beginning, she came off as a character who suffered a lot but still had her head together. But when it got near the end, it was like DANG GIRL.

Image result for dang girl gif

Kaden completely owned her feelings and fought for what she believed in which made me like her even more as a MC. Finely was a refreshing personality and a contrast to Kaden. The scenes they were getting on each other’s cases were my favorite because they were the perfect sparing partners in my book. Theodore the garden gnome was a gem in this book, especially the scene where he saved the day equipped with his snarky mouth.

Yet the beginning of this book was pretty boring. The author was setting up the plot of the story and it was just taking a while to get to the actual point of the story. Needless to say, there really wasn’t a climax to the plot which sucked because there could have been numerous avenues to build and develop it. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of good written scenes and events in the story but there really wasn’t any twist and turns in the plot that made me want to stay up all night to finish it. There was one discovery regarding what Kaden actually is that could have developed sooner and you know, actually told the reader what she is in the end. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Another thing that bothered me was how my ship didn’t sail. I always want the books that I’m reading to have a romance, I don’t know that’s just me. I expected Kaden and Finely to fall in love as they were together for most of the book. I know that it’s cliche if they had fallen in love and most people wouldn’t have liked it, but I still would have preferred it if they had.

The ending is what saved the plot for me. My girl Kaden went all girl power on the antagonist and some unexpected events occurred which had me feeling some type of way. I liked how the author ended the book; it left the reader wondering what is to come for the MCs in the next book. I was left with some questions when I finished the story, but honestly I don’t know if I would pick up the next installment in this series.

What are your thoughts? Would you give this book a chance?

Happy reading!



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