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The Isolation of X by Lyra Jade Acajou




*Thank you to the author for providing me a copy for a non-biased review.*

Genre: Self-Help* Spiritual* Relationships


” The Isolation of X is a mosaic of interrelated characters seeking happiness, answers, meaning and fulfillment in New York City; among them are thirty-seven year old Lloyd Ellis Stone, husband, Graphic Designer by profession, painter by passion who is forced into unknown territory when he finds his mental and physical health undergoing inexplicable changes, and his talent vanishing. There’s also Sage Marie Simone, a best-selling author in the Self-Help industry who finds her life beset with bizarre and painful shifts that are only amplified when she finds out her husband and best friends are each going through unimaginable challenges of their own, and after helping millions she can’t seem to help herself or the people who matter most to her. The Isolation of X takes a look at how our internal perceptions and beliefs are reflected back to us in our relationships, health, and finances. Lyra Jade has sought to capture the dialects of urban and southern Americans in this tale of self-discovery, the intricacies of family relations, the long lasting impact of parents on their children and what it means to really love. This is a book for believers. This is a book for lovers; of God, of life and of love itself. It’s a story about true love, forgiveness, good vs evil, our ability to create our own life experiences and a pit-bull that loves comedies. It’s a story about the things no one talks about. It’s a story about your life.”


One of the most impacting books I have ever read! Every paragraph had something meaningful and truly important to say. This is a book that spurs reflection of one’s life, incorporating an outstanding message of love, hope, and overcoming all obstacles.

I loved the concept of this story. There are various POVs from the main characters but incorporated are Love, Hope, Hate, Resentment, and others as physical beings with conscious minds that influence the main characters. Each MC is going through their own personal problems and their paths are all intertwined. Acajou brings her characters to life by her beautiful writing and it relates to readers. The problems described are relatable to people because it mentions concepts like love, relationships, money, etc which are part of everyone’s daily life.

Acajou’s writing flowed so well. Her advice to the characters were honestly so well spoken. I had to reread certain parts to fully grasp the beauty of her words. Every phrase was thought out and had a purpose. There were no filler ideas or scenes which only added to the overall work. This book had magical realism embedded throughout the story and I liked how Acajou incorporated it; it wasn’t overwhelming or confusing at all.

I really enjoyed this book and I would defintely recommend to people who want something different in a book, people who want to be hopeful again. I know I gained very helpful advice simply by reading it and I’ve listed some of my favorite quotes from the book below. Hope you enjoy!

“Choosing between good and bad, reprehensible and irreprehensible; choosing to stand for good was choosing to stand for God and self, only in this stance could one be truly innocent, guileless, content and in peace.”

“Just as birds were born to fly and stars were born to shine, you were born to love and be loved, to succeed, to prosper, it’s an irrefutable, undeniable truth, but caring too much about the opinions of others will always mess you up.”

“Address the jerk, the jerk appears, address the gentleman, the gentleman appears, address the divine, the divine will appear.”

“Just think, if we helped to create all this mess by allowing anger, sadness, regret, and being mad at others and mad at ourselves block up our lives, what can we create if we choose, once for all, to really love life and ourselves and do the things we believe in, period, without letting anyone make us feel bad about it?”

What are your thoughts? Would you give this book a chance?

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “The Isolation of X by Lyra Jade Acajou

  1. Aw this actually sounds like a really sweet book! I read one that was similarly enlightening, so to speak, recently called The Dalai Lama’s Cat (so it draws from Buddhism) but I just love those books that have those wicked paragraphs that really make you reflect!

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