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The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen #1) by Alison Goodman




Genre: Fantasy* Historical Fiction* YA


London, April 1812. On the eve of eighteen-year-old Lady Helen Wrexhall’s presentation to the queen, one of her family’s housemaids disappears-and Helen is drawn into the shadows of Regency London. There, she meets Lord Carlston, one of the few who can stop the perpetrators: a cabal of demons infiltrating every level of society. Dare she ask for his help, when his reputation is almost as black as his lingering eyes? And will her intelligence and headstrong curiosity wind up leading them into a death trap?


“You have far more courage than you think you do.”

We’re in 1812 in London, England in the brink of high society. Sprinkle in a little of conflict, a dash of romance, and throw in the whole bag of demon hunting and ba-da bing ba-da boom, you have The Dark Days Club.

In all honesty, I enjoyed this book….but not as much as I had hoped.

I loved loved loved how the story was written; Goodman has such a beautiful way of writing to make every single detail important. I loved how she captured the Regency era so well. I had read her author’s note in the back, and she talked about how much research she put in to make it as historically accurate as possible, and considering this is a fiction book, I give her major props!

The absolute best part for me was the suspense leading up to what Lady Helen actually was. For a good one-third to one-half of the book, you’re left guessing WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU HELEN? Then when Goodman FINALLY reveals the secret, you look back on certain scenes from the book, and you’re able to piece the puzzle. It was well done.

The characters were very likable. Lady Helen was a good MC; she didn’t make THAT MANY stupid decisions to advance the plot and I really liked the way she held herself even in dire circumstances. Darby, Lady Helen’s trusty sidekick maid was a good support in dangerous situations and I’ve grown quite fond of her.The enigmatic and unpopular Lord Carlston was that one character that you don’t want to like but secretly are rooting for. And lastly, the ever noble Duke of Selburn who just happens to be my favorite, sigh.

The romance turned out to be a love triangle, which doesn’t bother me that much UNLESS MY SHIP DOESN’T SAIL ACROSS THE BIG BLUE OCEAN TOWARD HAPPILY EVER AFTER. And in this case, my ship sank like there was no tomorrow. Though it gave up one heck of a fight, it still sank like the Titanic. To be warned, the romance wasn’t the major focus of the plot but was enough to be interesting.

My major problem of this book was the “chosen one” theme that surrounds the MC: “Lady Helen was a rare          that needed to join the good fight to defeat the ultimate          or the world as we know it will come to an end.” Honestly, it’s getting very old very fast. I also didn’t like how the plot of the demon hunting world was so complicated. When it was revealed, I felt like the information was dumped rather quickly than trying to spread it out. But I have to give credit where credit is due; Goodman’s story-line was very unique and original, something every author strives to be I’m sure.

When I finished the book, I was left with so many unanswered questions. What ever happened to Lady Elise? Why is the Duke so insistent in his proposal; is he really noble as he portrays or after something for his own agenda?  What secrets is Lord Carlston really hiding? I’m going to continue this series so my unending questions can finally be answered.

What are your thoughts on this book? Have you read this book already? If not, are you interested in picking up this story?

*Picture and summary from Goodreads.*


5 thoughts on “The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen #1) by Alison Goodman

    1. Right? You can find that trope in so many books man. But nevertheless, this book offers some originality so let me know how you like it if you decide to read it 😄

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