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Truest By Jackie Lea Sommers




Genre: Contemporary* YA* Romance.


“Silas Hart has seriously shaken up Westlin Beck’s small-town life. Brand new to town, Silas is different than the guys in Green Lake. He’s curious, poetic, philosophical, maddening– and really, really cute. But Silas has a sister– and she has a secret. And West has a boyfriend. And life in Green Lake is about to change forever.

Truest is a stunning, addictive debut. Romantic, fun, tender, and satisfying, it asks as many questions as it answers.”


Back with another debut review! The first 200 pages of this book was an overall 3 stars, but the last 100 pages made it a definite 4 stars. What I really liked about this debut is how it made you think and ponder on what you just read. It was so thoughtful, so philosophical, so true…haha see what I did there, true like the book title.. yeah no ok…lol.

Westlin Beck’s summer has already started on a bad note. Her best friend is leaving for camp for the whole break, her boyfriend is working 24/7 to save up for a car, and on top of that, new strangers by the name of the Hart twins move into town. Silas Hart was a true jerk to West in the beginning but they soon develop a tight bond while they work together. Laurel Hart doesn’t get out much due to her unusual illness. But throughout the summer, Silas and West grow closer and it leads to some cheating, tsk tsk. West goes through a mid-teen crisis because her pastor father gives attention to everyone in town besides his own family. And all the grief, heartache, and tender moments leads to the self discovery of Westlin Beck, wrapped up in a little pink bow.

My favorite quote has to be:

Had I been creeping around corners to hide from dad–or from God?

“No,” I said. “I’m not making fun of you. What does He say?”

Silas was quiet for a moment, an odd, lingering moment that made me wonder if I’d been too forward in asking a question like this so flippantly. But then that moment was over, and Silas looked at me. “He says to abide.”

I don’t know why, but I got chills reading that. That quote made me love Silas because I completely agree with him.

There were so many moments where you had to stop and grasp what the pages meant. So deep and inspiring, I tell you. The characters were well developed. I loved seeing the MC’s journey to self identity, ESPECIALLY how she stood up to her dad.

The plot was original and unique. Laurel’s illness creeped me out a little because I don’t know if that’s a real condition or not, and I don’t want to find out tbh because it’s just scary thinking about it. I think I like to be grounded into reality, thank you very much. I wished Sommers explained Laurel’s condition better since I didn’t really understand it until towards the end of the book. I also didn’t like how West cheated on her bf. I get why Elliot is a character close to the MC but I think she should have handled the situation WAYY better. I would have liked the MC more if she hadn’t done that. AND THAT ENDING, UGH! GET READY FOR THE WATERWORKS PEOPLE! UNEXPECTED, SHOCKING, HEARTBREAKING ENDING. :c

I would recommend this book to people in search of questioning their existence… or people who love philosophy with a dash of romance!

Would you pick up this book? If you already read it, what are your thoughts on it? 🙂

*Picture and summary from GoodReads.*


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