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Series Review! Lux Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout Edition

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Guys, I’m like so speechless…beyond words…and suffering from an EPIC book hangover 😦

You can’t even begin to imagine how amazing and wonderful and perfect and awesome and … and BEAUTIFUL this series is omg! Everything about this book was perfect. You can catch my review for the first book Obsidian here and the second book Onyx here. This series review is spoiler free. 🙂


Every character was unique and ohh soo real. Armentrount captured these characters soul and made them wholly human. Everything the characters felt, you felt it too. Katy Swartz was the main character and she was amazing. From the very first book, she was her own person. She definitely takes no bull from anyone, especially Daemon. Throughout the series, you saw her become a woman who can handle everything Daedalus, the Arum, and the Luxen threw her way.

Daemon Black.. sigh. He was my favorite, like literally my favorite character ever. I feel like I’m going to compare every guy to him now lol! Anywho, I loved his personality, I don’t care if some people hated it; I LOVED IT. He wasn’t nice to Katy when they first met but over time you got to see the love and care he has for her. Because their relationship wasn’t a love at first sight attraction, it seemed much more believable. He’s such a bad boy omg, perfect in every possible way. You get to see his mean side, his tender side, his protective side, every possible side a human can basically have. He’s my fav ❤ There are obviously other characters but these two alone make the whole series for me.


Unique in every possible way. I have never read a book about aliens and have never wanted to but Armentrout made me fall in love with aliens. When you usually think about aliens, you think about weird looking short things who don’t resemble humans at all. In this series, you won’t find none of that. These aliens look like supermodels who have the power of controlling light and other powerful things. Every book was a roller coaster ride and always flowed really well with the whole story line. I have to say that Opal left off on a huge cliffhanger though, consider yourself warned 😮


Daemon and Katy are my FREAKING FAVORITE FICTIONAL COUPLE aka FFFC lol. The chemistry and romance was so believable so plausible so tangible so freaking amazing I tell you! Literally speechless, I don’t even know what to say anymore.

I broke every rule of my kind to heal you and keep you with me. I … burned down an entire city to keep you safe. I’ve killed for you. Did you think I’d forget what you mean to me? That anything in this world— in any world— would be stronger than my love for you?

                                                               – Daemon from Opposition

*drops mike and leaves you in your feelings*

THE FEELINGS OH THE FEELINGS. It will make you tear up and become so emotionally invested and so deep in your feelings, you won’t know how to come back from it all. It will make you laugh at all Daemon’s witty comments, cry when important characters die, fangirl over Daemon and Katy’s love… Everything you can ever feel, you will feel. Amazing I tell you. I got my cousin hooked on this series and we’ve been talking about it non-stop.

The only thing I didn’t like was the freaking covers! The first 3 were very similar and weren’t all that bad. Then the 4th book completely deviates from the series but is my favorite because, well just look at it lol. Then the 5th book completely had no relationship to the others. The covers had SOO MUCH POTIENTIAL! It’s a good thing I don’t judge books by their cover because I don’t know if I would have picked them up if I did. DO NOT JUDGE BOOKS BY THIER COVER PEOPLE, I REPEAT DO NOT JUDGE! You will miss out on a beautiful adventure.

After you’ve read this series, you must check out this excerpt that Armentrout wrote for us readers as a thank you. It is an unedited excerpt but will end the series perfectly, *sighs with contentment*. Here it is —>

I don’t think this review did this series any justice whatsoever, but I really hope you decide to check it out. I would recommend it to seriously everyone. EVERYONE.

*Pictures from Goodreads.*

Are you interested in reading this series and if you have, what are your thoughts? Feel free to comment 🙂


6 thoughts on “Series Review! Lux Series By Jennifer L. Armentrout Edition

  1. Ahhhh this is so amazing! I have been wanting to read obsidian for what feels like forever but I just regrettably have not gotten round to it but now I hate myself even more because you talk of how incredible it is and I am missing out! I am definitely going to read the lux series now after reading your amazingly written post. also I can’t help but say you have a really awesome blog. Happy reading!

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