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Chained (Cage of Lies #1) By Susanne Valenti


*I received a digital ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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Genre: YA* Dystopia.


“Terrified of the contamination and the creatures it has created, humanity hides behind The Wall. No one knows what lies beyond the wasteland. Maya has never thought much about what might still be out there, lurking in the forgotten places. But when she’s thrust into the unknown, she is forced to question everything she has ever been told. Not everyone outside died, some of them became something… else. As her heart is torn in two, every choice she makes is harder than the last. What she discovers will change her forever. She knows she will probably die, but Maya has seen enough of death and she won’t let it have her without a fight.”


First off, I like to say a huge thank you to Susanne for providing me with my first ARC ever! I never imagined receiving an ARC only months from starting my blog so thank you for the opportunity 🙂 Check out Susanne’s blog at…. I have been super busy with college life to write this review before its publication date which was on October 1, 2015. I am so sorry, but I figured better late than never! Now on to the review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dystopia books are not my favorite genre but I have read some really good ones and this one was really good!

Maya is an orphan in the city surrounded by The Wall. Contamination is widely feared in this world so humanity locked themselves in their city. Once a school science trip goes wrong, Maya and her bff Taylor see themselves working with convicts in SubWar. After a battle in SubWar turns deadly, they see themselves being thrust into the supposed “contamination area” by a stranger who quickly becomes a friend. Maya endures so many trials and tribulations but one thing she knows for sure is that she’s never going to look at the city the same way again.

Wow! This book was a roller coaster ride. It was so good, like I never predicted what would happen next. It had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation; so past-paced and filled with A LOT of action 🙂 I love action. The plot was unique in terms of Dystopia. It reminded me of the movie The Island with Scarlett Johansson. They both had a higher authority trying to keep them from knowing the truth about the world around them.

I really liked Maya as the main character. She might have gotten me frustrated at certain times but she was such a strong character who could definitely hold her own. I love Taylor omg! I really wished we got to see more of him and his personality. He seemed like such a loyal friend and I REALLY wish there was a love connection with him and Maya. You could tell he had an interest in Maya and she made me irritated when she would cringe whenever there was a romantic moment. I can only hope there’s more of him in the second book and I really wish Maya and him get together later on. I so ship them!

On that note, I love the new characters Alicia and Coal. Alicia is a funny one, I could relate to her on so many levels. And Coal was a mystery at first; he popped out of nowhere. I was asking myself “where the heck did he come from?” I though he could have been incorporated into the plot line more smoothly than just being dumped on the page. I don’t really fancy characters that surprise me like that. But I quickly grew to love him as a character…still don’t like how him and Maya get together though. And I don’t really know how Laurie fits into the story that well but by the end of the book, I decided she adds to the story.

Susanne did a good job with adding a flow into the next book in the series. It didn’t abruptly stop at the ending which only made me want to read the next book. I really did enjoy this book and I’m glad to have read it. I would totally recommend this book to everyone, Dystopia lovers or not! 🙂

*Picture and summary from GoodReads.*


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