Dual POV vs. Single POV; Which Do You Prefer?

Books with single pov have my heart <3. They are so much better than dual pov because I connect with the main character so much more. When I read dual pov books (which aren’t many), I tend to like one character over the other. I would rush to finish said character’s section to get to said favorite character section and that just takes the beauty of the story away. With single pov books, I put myself in the main character shoes which makes the story 1) flow better and 2) create a personal relationship with the reader.

I’m not bashing dual pov because when done correctly, they can really add to the whole story. My favorite series, the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, has a little dual pov mixed in toward the last two books (there are 5 books total). It added to the whole story. The first 3 books were single povs and I grew to love the main character, accomplishing the task of creating a personal relationship. When I got to the 4th book, I was dying to read in the other main character’s pov. It created a sense of anticipated longing for the dual pov. That was dual pov at its best!

So book lovers, which POV do you prefer? 


8 thoughts on “Dual POV vs. Single POV; Which Do You Prefer?

  1. I’m not sure I prefer either over the other. I think what really gets to me are multiple POVs, because the story is jumping from one place to another. As soon as you get used to one person’s POV, you get yanked out of it and thrown into another one. It’s especially hard when that previous POV ended in a mini cliff hanger… 😉

    1. Agreed! It irritates me when I’m so into the scene and then they change pov so fast I don’t notice what happened. And don’t get me started on character cliffhangers haha 😌

      1. First person can make it very difficult to read in multi-person POV just since a lot of times the voices are so jarringly different. Though, I have read a few multi-person 3POV that have been done quite well since the voices don’t change. Even so, I think it’s a dangerous line to walk on. It’s so easy to write multi-person poorly.

      2. Yes! When they’re in first person and dual POV, I usually get confused on which character I’m reading and that just doesn’t sit well with me.

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