Traditional Reader vs. Modern Reader; Which One Are You?

I am such a Traditional Reader. I ADORE physical copy of books. Like I’m the type of person that NEEDS the actual book in my hands to be fully engrossed in it; what can I say, that’s just me.

Not to say that digital books on E-Reader or Kindle suck, because they don’t. They are very convenient on the go or when you want to read a specific book like RIGHT NOW. But it seems that technology is taking over because almost everyone has a cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc. There’s so many benefits to modernization but we got to be old-fashion in some aspects of our life.

Am I right, or am I right?

Currently, I am reading a series that is available online in pdf format. I ordered a physical  copy it and it is taking literally FOREVER to come in and it’s slowly killing me..sigh 😦 I refused to read the online version because I know I won’t be as absorbed in the book. But last I checked, it should come in very very soon..YAYY!

Which type of reader are you?


5 thoughts on “Traditional Reader vs. Modern Reader; Which One Are You?

  1. Traditional all the way! The concept of reading a book on an electronic device just doesn’t sit with me. You can’t hold the book, feel the book, turn the pages. It just kills it for me! (Though it is much easier when reading at the gym. >.> and for ARC copies. <.< Ugh…)

  2. Traditional Reader all the way, nothing will ever beat the feel or smell of book pages.
    However I have read things on my iPad from time to time.
    Mostly on Wattpad, but all those books are unpublished so they aren’t available as print books.

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